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Welcome to the new Society of John Gaither Descendants web site.  Here is where you can find the latest news, announcements, and future events for the Society.  As you may know, the Society is a family organization, founded and incorporated in 1984 in Maryland.  Our goals and interests are the continued preservation and documentation of the Gaither family in the United States.

John Gater:  Adventurer; Colonist; Planter; Gentleman; Progenitor of practically all Gaithers in America; Believed born in Lamberhurst, Kent, England.

We believe John Gater I, born 1599, died in the 1600′s, was the first Gater/Gaither in America, arriving on the ship “George” in Jamestown, VA, in 1620, where he appears on the Muster in 1623, sixth on the list under Sir Francis Wyatt, Governor and again in 1636 on the “Assurance” resettling in Maryland at the invitation of Lord Baltimore.  We believe the Gaither family in America can trace their ancestry back to John Gater I, in most instances.

We hope that you will take a few moments to browse our site and if interested click on "Follow Gaither News" on the right.  Also, check out what is planned for the next Gaither Annual Meeting to be held this year in Washington, DC.  Maybe we'll see you there.

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