SALE – All Y-DNA Tests on Sale

For a limited time, Family Tree DNA is offering 20-25% savings on all Y-DNA tests and upgrades. This End of the Summer Sale ends 9/3/2014. Join the other SJGD members who have been tested and store their results on Family Tree DNA by CLICKING HERE. Remember, Y-DNA tests for paternal ancestry, father to son, and make wonderful gifts for the Gaither male in your family.  Family Tree DNA is the world's largest Y-DNA database.

For those already tested, you may ask, "Why upgrade"? A 37 marker haplotype has been identified for the John Gaither descendants, but it turns out that this is a modestly common haplotype for English men.  Other men with different surnames also closely share the same haplotype (the listing of values at each DNA marker location). There are close to 100 men with other surnames in the database who are within a genetic distance of 4 at 37 markers (3 mutations). This means a 37-marker test for the Gaither surname is insufficient to clearly distinguish and isolate this specific group. The solution is to analyze for 67 or 111 markers and that should reduce (or eliminate) the number of other surnames closely matching the Gaither haplotype. Now is the perfect time to upgrade! The Y-37 to Y-67 upgrade is reduced from $99 to $79 and the Y-37 to Y-111 is reduced from $220 to $179. CLICK HERE to upgrade today.

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