President’s Message


  • an instance of two or more people coming together again after a period of separation
  • a social gathering attended by members of a certain group of people who have not seen each other for some time

We will come together this May for the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society of John Gaither Descendants to not only conduct the business of the Society, but also to REUNITE, as in REUNION. We will not only RENEW old friendships with our cousins, but we will likely make new acquaintances within our extended family. We can also use this opportunity to REMEMBER those that have passed.

As you can see, REUNION is just one of the many words that begin with “RE”. To me, many of these words are inspirational and REMIND us of how we can improve and be better. How appropriate that our REUNION is in the spring, the season in which vegetation begins to appear again and flowers begin to bloom.

To carry this further, we will REJOICE together that John Gater chose to migrate to this great country. We also will give our RESPECT to those previous generations of Gaithers that have kept our country free and to our REMARKABLE young men and women that continue to do so. REGENERATION is the circle of life and our children are its fruit.

Throughout the REUNION there will be many opportunities to examine our RELATEDNESS, to RE-EDUCATE ourselves of Gaither genealogy, and perhaps even discover a new REVELATION in our family’s history. We should also take time for RECOGNITION of those that founded the Society and those that have continued to be RESPONSIBLE for maintaining it. However, we as today’s members and officers must be RESOURCEFUL and RELIABLE to guide the Society to be RESILIENT to the pressures on a small family organization such as ours. In this complex world, we must use all RESOURCES at our disposal to guarantee the future of our Society for the benefit of future generations.

I highly RECOMMEND that you join your extended family in Chattanooga this year. I guarantee, you will come away RENEWED, REVIVED, and REJUVENATED in your pride of being a Gaither, and you will REALLY have some fun, too.

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