President’s Message from Johnny D. Gaither

Greetings from the President's desk and hey to all my Gaither cousins! I do hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish for you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Now is the time for plans to be firmed up for 2013. As you may already know, Mack and Rebecca Gaither, are very busy planning our reunion in the Nation's Capital, Washington, D.C. I will not elaborate as the details appear elsewhere on this site, however I encourage each of you to make plans to attend! There will be lots of events, things to see & do, information and round table discussions for everyone.

As with many organizations, membership is on the decline, attendance is lacking because of the events we compete with. An old gentleman once told me, if you really want to go fishing, you will "find" the time and you will "find" the money for the bait & beer. We need to attend these reunions and bring the young ones with us! Now, if anyone out there is interested in hosting or assisting with the 2014 reunion, please, let me know!

DNA is "the talk of the town", more male participation, results in
greater line clarity, so please consider it.

Sandy and I look forward to seeing each of you in May; let's make 2013 the largest attendance ever at a Gaither Reunion. So, until we meet again, may the Good Lord take a like'n to you!

Johnny D. Gaither, President
Society of John Gaither Descendants

3 thoughts on “President’s Message from Johnny D. Gaither

  1. Would like to know more about John Gater. Info. on his background in England, and where our family split off after Maryland. Is Gaithersburg, Maryland founded by our people?

    Thomas Kirkpatrick Gaither, Jr. (Fort Mill, S. C.)
    Son of Thomas K. Gaither, Sr ( Statesville , N. C.) and Margaret Campbell Gaither (Anderson, S.C.).

  2. I may not be the best person to answer your question however I’ll give it a shot. Yes, I ask my Mother and she said Gaithersburg, MD was founded by our people. Mom lives in Harmony, NC just outside of Statesville, NC and may know of your father. As far as John Gater goes he was born in Lamberhurst, Kent County, England in 1599 and immigranted to America in 1635. He was the beginning of the American Gaithers which first landed in Jamestown, VA. Your question about where individual familes went after VA/MD depends on which family line you come from. This is one of the questions our Society tries to answer for you when you join. We would love to have you join our Society and attend our Annual Meeting in Alexandria, VA right outside of Washington, DC. You should be able to find all the info to do so right here on our website.

  3. I am going to send Thomas some information on the “First John Gaithers” from one the past Gaither Connection newsletters and hopes he considers joining the Society.

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