Looking For Parentage of John Jefferson Gaither

I am trying to prove/disprove the father of John Jefferson Gaither, born 24 Aug 1839 in Huntsville, AL.Circumstantial evidence shows he's probably William C*, son of Deli and Jane Gaither. Deli and Jane's children are:1) Thomas - married Lucinda, 2)Sophia, 3)Sarah (Sally) - married Moses McElhaney, 4) *William C - possibly married Margarett, 5) Nancy - married Thomas Neisbit, 6) Mahala - married Lacey Digh (Dye), 7) Bennett, 8) Richard G - married Matilda Thompson, 9) John - married Emaline Edna Burton

Family stories from several older generations of his family (all passed now) have given us the following information: John J's father was named William, and was probably from the Carolinas. (William, son of Deli Gaither was indeed in South Carolina, from at least 1790 to 1800.)

John's father poured coal oil on himself and burned himself to death. No record has been found for this, as yet.

Deli and son, William C Gaither were in the Huntsville area of Alabama in the 1820's & 30's, which was where and when John states he was born.

These family stories, among others not listed here, have led to this probable family: William C Gaither married Margarett. They had 3 children:

  1. William F Gaither, born AL, about 1825, moved to Clay Co, AL. Married Frances Jane Gaither, daughter of Shadrach and Nancy Willingham Gaither. They had 10 children. He died 1874 in AL.
  2. Milton Marcus Gaither, born AL, 1831, moved to Texas, married 1) Margaret Elizabeth Baird. They had 5 children. 2) Mary Ann Kinsey Moore- no issue. He died 1908, Jones Co, TX.
  3. John Jefferson Gaither, born 24 Aug 1839, Huntsville, AL. Moved to Talladega Co, AL. Married Frances Ester Gunter, daughter of Josiah and Caroline Riddlehoover Gunter, 19 Jan 1873, Talladega Co, AL They had 8 children. He died 16 Sept 1915, and is buried at Old Providence Baptist Church in Clay Co, AL.

I have only found William C in three separate events. 1) In 1818, he signed as a bondsman for his sister’s marriage in Madison Co. 2) In 1832, he is listed as a child in court papers when his mother sued his father for divorce (denied). 3) In 1844, he signed as a witness in an animal take-up book in Limestone Co, AL.

Would love to find a descendant of some of these who may have taken a DNA test, to see if we can match. Any other information is also welcome.

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