Gaithers – How Many and Where Do They Live?

Have you ever wondered how many Gaithers there are in the United States and where they live? Today, there are over 318 million people in the United States. From the 1995 and 2000 censuses, the U.S. Census Bureau published a list of surnames occurring 100 times or more.  The 2000 census found a little over 150,000 unique surnames.

The top 10 surnames and the number of occurrences, in order, are:

  1. Smith - 2,376,206
  2. Johnson - 1,857,160
  3. Williams - 1,534,042
  4. Brown - 1,380,145
  5. Jones - 1,362,755
  6. Miller - 1,127,803
  7. Davis - 1,072,335
  8. Garcia - 858,289
  9. Rodriguez - 804,240
  10. Wilson - 783,051

To check the ranking and number of occurrences of other surnames, you can view or download the list as a PDF file by clicking here or as an XLSX file by clicking here.

The Gaither surname ranked 3,202 on the list. The census found that there were 10,255 Gaithers in the U.S. or 3.8 Gaithers per 100,000 people. Of the 10,255, 57.35% (5,881) are Caucasian and 42.65% (4,857) are non-Caucasian.

The Census Bureau does not provide the number of Gaithers by State, however another way to estimate where Gaithers live is from mailing lists. InfoUSA, a 40-year old company that provides mailing lists to businesses, counts a total of 5,616 addresses with the Gaither surname as the primary addressee.  This number is composed of 83.05% (4,664) Caucasian and 16.95% (952) non-Caucasian.

To see an interactive map of the distribution of ALL Gaithers, click here.

To see an interactive map of the distribution of Caucasian Gaithers, click here.

To see an interactive map of the distribution of non-Caucasian Gaithers, click here.

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