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Harmony, NC, October 15, 2017 - Another year is quickly coming to a close. I know this because this is the second newsletter for the year and I usually have to fight with the printer to get it in before Christmas materials. Not this year due to the prompt response from the folks you see submitting articles, many thanks! There have been some changes in the way our group operates that are not apparent to the average bear. For the first time in many years, all the officers are first and foremost, board of director members. This cuts down on the number of people necessary to do the business of the group. This also means if you want to have a say, you have to do so through being a board of directors member. If you want to have a say, volunteer to be a board member.

There have been no reports for new findings on the father of Alice Gaither Hyatt. I had hoped someone would find a clue hiding in a dusty old family Bible or a flaming law suit.. I did however find the connection of her husband Frank Hyatt to the Gaithers in western NC. Frank just looked too much like a cousin of mine not to be related.

A quick look at shows that it has been twenty years since I worked on my first Gaither Connection. In that time I have undergone several life changing events, some good, some I would have gladly passed on. I don’t want to hog all this unbridled power to let everyone know how I feel about how things are going. If you would like to give it a try, let me know. I am not throwing up my hands and saying “enough!”. I just want to let anyone with the itch to try this to have the opportunity to add to the group. I will not be mad, hurt, insulted or even miffed but my wife would probably welcome the lack of running after printings and stamps and trying to figure out what happened that a newsletter was returned. In the past year, I have discovered one of our members passed away a decade ago but the regular mail carrier enjoyed reading their copy and the sub slipped up and returned it with note of member’s passing. There are many pleasant contacts with members who’s only contact is the newsletter that comes by snail mail. Not everything is all roses and if one omits someone’s newsletter and their sister gets hers………….

Social media is quickly changing the way folks stay in contact. I still enjoy pulling out my printed copy and reading it over my Sunday cup of coffee. I spend too much time at my computer as it is. In most of the organizations that I still participate in, the newsletter is more frequent and mostly electronic. I hope we can avoid that for a few more years.

Since this is our last communication for the year, let me wish you, on behalf of my family and extended family, a bountiful Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy New Year !!!!

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