Did you know . . . about the huge discovery at John Gater’s first American home, Jamestown?

If you haven’t heard, there’s been a huge discovery at the ongoing archaeological dig at Jamestown Fort! The Jamestown Rediscovery Team, in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution, has identified the names of the four men buried within the Chancel of the 1608-1617 original Church. All four were leaders in the earliest years of the Colony: Reverend Robert Hunt, Captain Gabriel Archer, Sir Ferdinando Wainman, and Captain William West.

The excitement surrounding these discoveries serves to remind our extended Gaither Family of our own very exciting lineage. As you know, our John Gater first came to America, in 1620, on the ship “George;” survived the Indian Massacre of 1622; and, as documented in a record of the inhabitants of the Colony after that Massacre, was in the Jamestown Fort as a member of Governor Wyatt’s retinue. Then, John Gater appears, in 1624, on Captain William Pierce’s muster at the nearby defensive Jamestown outpost of Mulberry Island, with a “sword, peece, armour, and 10 bushels of corn”. Capt. Pierce was Captain of the Jamestown Guard, lending weight to the theory (that I first heard from Gaither Society member Larry Campbell) that John Gater may have been a soldier in the Fort when listed with Governor Wyatt.

To think that our John Gater was an occupant of the very Fort so prominent in today’s news - - 395 years ago!!!

I highly recommend that you go to www.historicjamestowne.org for news about their ongoing discoveries. It is exciting to see under “Events” that on August 8 there’s a special program about Joan Pierce, Captain William Pierce’s wife. Perhaps there’ll soon be a program on Soldier John Gater! And, I particularly recommend that you click on their fabulous “Map of Discoveries,” which shows the Fort layout and their discoveries to date. Just imagine our John Gater walking among those very buildings!

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