Calling for Volunteers

The Society of John Gaither Descendants needs volunteers in positions critical to increasing membership and improving communications. If you or someone you know can fill any of the following roles and are willing to give a few hours per month to help, we would appreciate your help.

Membership Promoters - Responsible for making phone calls to prospective members and assisting the Membership Director in other ways.  Put on your "Thinking Cap" and let's find the best way to grow the Society's membership.

Genealogy Researchers - Responsible for reading documents such as marriage and death certificates, deeds, and wills recording key information. This work is fundamental for the Society to create an accessible, searchable library of family documents, photographs, and history for current and future generations of Gaithers.

Graphic Designers - Responsible for conceptualization and design of direct mail membership materials as well as all other Society print materials such as brochures, posters, and invitations.  Other responsibilities may include creating graphics for the Society website.  This position is critical for future growth of the Society.

Website Managers - Responsible for operating, maintaining, and enhancing the Society’s web site.  This person will be in forefront of moving the Society forward technologically for the next generation of Gaithers.

If you or someone you know can fill any of these positions critical to the Society's viability, please complete the form below.  We will be in touch soon. Thank you.

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