2013 Annual Meeting Highlights

31st Annual Meeting Washington DC, May 23 - May 26, 2013


Old Town Alexandria
Experience an alluring mix of historical authenticity and urban sophistication in Alexandria. As the hometown of George Washington and Civil War General Robert E. Lee, the city of Alexandria attracts visitors from near and far to enjoy America's historic main streets.

A vital seaport during colonial times, Alexandria is George Washington's hometown and part of the original Washington, DC. Thomas Jefferson entertained guests at Gadsby's Tavern. Civil War general Robert E. Lee moved to Alexandria with his family when he was only 4 years old. As a young man, Lee dreamed of becoming a doctor. Instead, he became one of the most famous figures in the American Civil War.

Alexandria served as one of the largest slave trading ports prior to the Civil War. Occupied by Union forces from the onset of the Civil War, Alexandria was both vital in the defense of the nation's capital and essential in the war effort as a transportation and hospital center for the Union.

In the 1930's, famed Alexandria African-American attorney Samuel W. Tucker was one of the architects of the Civil Rights Movement. Alexandria's Old Town district was established in 1946 as only the third historic district designated in the United States. Its remarkable concentration of historic buildings with a storied past create a rich backdrop for today's vibrant contemporary lifestyle.

Potomac River Cruise & Barbecue
On Thursday night, kick-back and relax on our private cruise of the Potomac. Gliding past the Washington Monuments at night is a special treat not to be missed. We will meet at the marina at the east end of King Street to board the Admiral Tilip – you can ride in the King Street Trolley or hotel van, or walk. Dinner is casual and catered by renowned Pork Barrel barbecue. Space is limited, so be sure and sign up early.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate Tour
On Friday, visit what George Washington called home for more than 40 years, Mount Vernon. We will see the Mansion, more than a dozen original structures, Washington’s Tomb, and nearly 50 acres of his extensive plantation. The estate also includes a working blacksmith shop and the Pioneer Farm, a 4-acre demonstration farm with a reconstructed slave cabin and 16-sided treading barn. We will enjoy a private tour of the grounds and Mansion. Thereafter you can enjoy the grounds, the new and enlarged museum, and have lunch in the food court at your leisure.

Old Town Walking Tour
Old Town is a delightful mix of great shopping, historic buildings, and neighborhoods. If you would like an over-view before you begin your day of leisure on Saturday, consider joining the 1-½ hour private walking tour. The guide assures us the tour is part walking, part sitting (Christ Church) and is not too strenuous.

Family Dinner
Enjoy dinner with everyone on the last night. Immediately following dinner, the history program will be a guided tour of DC’s monuments and sights by night. The tour van will pick us up at the dinner location. If you don’t join the tour you can trolley or walk back to the hotel.

D.C.’s Monuments at Night Tour
No city shines as brightly as Washington DC at night. We will take private vans and tour the monuments, stopping at some so you can take time to see them in detail. Our guide will give details and stories that are sure to interest you. If you don’t attend the Family Dinner, it will be necessary to meet the vans at the restaurant.

Farewell Lunch Buffet
Following the morning business meeting, the Family Farewell Lunch will be at the hotel.