Some very dedicated leaders, past and present, have devoted significant amounts of time, knowledge and research that makes the Society of John Gaither Descendants one of most documented families in America.  They have done so much for The Society; now is the time to honor their endeavors and dedication.  The Society needs your help to keep their hard work alive. Get involved - Let's Keep the Society moving forward!

Express them. The Society is a work in progress and your ideas and suggestions are important.  Leave your comments below.

Round Table Leaders
We need volunteers to share their knowledge and ability with other society members. Please see the Round Table plans in the Annual Reunion information.  Topics have been suggested, but if there are other topics you could present, let us know.   These casual sessions are following breakfast, with a table of just 8 or 10 people.

Web Site Content
Can you find the time? As we develop programs and build the website, you could help by making a topic on the website your responsibility.  It could be Reunion archives and pictures or  reprints of historic articles from our Newsletters (Larry Campbell has done the heavy lifting, you just need to do some reading and reprinting).  There are many possible ideas.

Genealogy Expertise
Members are calling out for a 'how to' and 'what next' forum.  If you are a Genealogy expert, would you manage a Q&A section on the web-site, or provide a monthly 'tip' column?

Host an Annual Meeting
Interesting destinations drive attendance.  Would you host an upcoming Annual Meeting? Let your Board of Directors know!

Membership Challenge
Do you have ideas to grow the SJGD membership?  Bring your ideas to the Board meeting, along with a few volunteers to help you get the process going.

If you're willing to help, please complete this form and one of the Society's officers will contact you.

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