President’s Message from Bob Lehto

Hi, wonderful Gaither cousins.

I hope that your health is as good as can be expected and you are enjoying as mild a winter as we are in Virginia. My most important note for this newsletter concerns the 2012 Reunion. As you know, this year's reunion will be in Missoula, Montana. This is new territory for most of us and consequently gives promise of new and exciting events. We'll see new territory and get to meet lots of new Gaither cousins. I encourage you all to attend. I think we will have a grand time and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again and meeting first-time attendees.

One of the items of business that we will conduct at the general meeting is the election of officers. Catherine Allison is the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee. I encourage all of you to consider volunteering for officer and committee chairperson positions. I will not be standing for reelection for your president at the 2012 Reunion. I have served two years and wish to move on. Consequently, Catherine will need some candidates for President. This is not a particularly arduous job, certainly not 24/7, and it can be a lot of fun. It's an excellent opportunity to make a contribution to the Society and have a good time as well.

I remind all the current officers and board of director members that I will need your thoughts about the rewrite of our by-laws by April or May. I solicit your opinions as to whether we should have the by-laws rewritten, or change our procedures to conform with the existing by-laws, or just ignore the problem. I think anyone of these positions are acceptable. ( Comments from other current Members would also be very welcome). If we decide at the 2012 membership meeting that the by-laws should be rewritten, we will need a Chairperson to run the rewrite committee. If any of you have experience with organizational by-laws this would be a golden opportunity to make a very real contribution to your society.

One of our our most important committees is the Research Committee, chaired by Catherine Allison. Currently they are considering the evidence available concerning the age of John II on his arrival in America. Please come to the reunion prepared to participate in a review and discussion of their efforts. In addition, we solicit suggestions for the next genealogy issue to be considered by the Research Committee.

Lots of important stuff to be done at the 2012 reunion and lots of fun to be had. Please be there.

Bob Lehto

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